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The Criminals of In Too Deep

You don’t have to look too far to find the criminal element in New Dawn City. Common street hoods are easy to find, but the Syndicate doesn’t run with ordinary stock. To become a trusted member of the organization, they have to prove themselves over time. The Syndicate is looking for members that can stay cool under pressure, that have a certain useful talent, and above all else, that can be trusted. Getting into the minds of these characters will be tough, but it could be the only thing preventing the Syndicate from taking over the city.

In the world of In Too Deep, you use advanced technology to ‘hook in’ to the minds of criminals and affect the actions they take around the city. The goal is to witness and even take part in crimes to gain Intel and Evidence that will help take down the Syndicate once and for all.

Each of the different criminals will unknowingly help you in your efforts. The longer you stay inside their heads, the more Grip you will gain on them. Soon, you will be able to use the special abilities that have made them so valuable.

Here is what we know about some of the most trusted lieutenants working for the Syndicate.

The Jumper is reckless and unpredictable. This criminal is one of the Syndicate’s most effective couriers. They make life difficult for tracers by leaping across the city to circumvent any blockade we raise. Suspected in a spree of highrise break-ins, and last winter’s rooftop bombings. Utilized heavily by the Syndicate; they go places we need to be, and meets people we need to know.

Like the Jumper, the Sprinter specializes in getting around New Dawn City quickly. They are the asset of choice when the Syndicate needs to deliver illicit goods or a deadly message in a hurry. Outruns and outmaneuvers Pursuit drones, using custom implants designed for acrobatic free-running. The Sprinter is believed to have survived a five-story drop without slowing down, and scales city structures with ease. Involved in the assassination attempt on the mayor, and a string of successful daylight robberies.

The Dronejack is the most skilled electronics infiltrator on Syndicate payroll. Commands an armada of dedicated drones from a fully integrated cranial rig. Causes nightmares for the Agency by manipulating robotics from a distance; suspected in several kidnappings via carhack. Known to spy on, extort, blackmail, and threaten the rich and powerful with a network of eyes and ears everywhere.

The Smuggler is the single individual most responsible for flooding the city streets with illegal goods. They have a knack for acquiring hot items; sometimes with money, sometimes at the end of a blaster and they feature augmented skeletal and muscular systems for maximum hauling capability. The recent influx of military-grade weaponry into the hands of the Syndicate is thanks to this nefarious character.

The Persuader specializes in discovering and exploiting vulnerabilities, to manipulate others into carrying out Syndicate tasks. Their implant suite is a nasty mix of psy-ops hardware, behavioural assessment sensors, and static impulse projection. Uses a modified static garrotte to coerce human and robotic behaviour alike, when subtler techniques fail to do the trick. The Persuader is considered to be one of the more serious and versatile threats to security in the city, with a record of suspected involvement in crimes many times longer than the list of crimes with provable involvement.

When the Syndicate needs security forces to be drawn to a particular area, they send in the Disruptor to heat things up in a hurry. This walking disaster has been responsible for billions of credits of public damage, and countless wasted police hours. Specializes in luring the police force to areas where they’ll be the least effective while a major crime is taking place, and creates too much chaos to ignore. Carries enough firepower to drive back even heavy units.

These are just a few of the usual suspects you’ll come across in a game of In Too Deep. Each game, you’ll have to build your case using a different combination of the criminal elements of New Dawn City. Choosing who to hook into and what special abilities will be important in a game can be the difference between bringing the Syndicate to justice and letting them slip through your fingers.

In Too Deep is launching on Kickstarter on September 15.

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