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In Too Deep: Get Your Hands Dirty to Keep the Streets Clean

In the year 2087, central governments have fallen. What remains are fragmented citystates struggling to hang on to law and order while criminal organizations wait for the right moment to seize power. As a cop in a secret experimental program, you just might be able to turn the tide of illicit activity in New Dawn City and take back the streets for law-abiding citizens. In the world of In Too Deep, you have to get your hands dirty to clean up the streets.

Cybernetic implants have given the criminal underworld a technological advantage. These underground market enhancements make them faster, stronger, and more agile than the average human, but you have found a way to exploit that power. By infiltrating their cerebral upgrades, you can gain control of these criminals like never before. Going deep undercover into the minds of your targets, you’ll need to participate in crimes of escalating seriousness to get your hands on the critical evidence you need.

Each turn, you can hook into a new criminal and manipulate their activities throughout the city. The longer you stay inside the mind of a criminal, the more your Grip over their actions will grow; you can gain their special abilities and even extra actions to pull off complicated crimes. The more jobs you complete, the more Evidence you’ll collect, bringing you closer to taking down the Syndicate once and for all. But while your physical body is in a secret location strapped into a chair far from the actual action, you are by no means safe. Entering the mind of a criminal—and especially multiple criminals at once— takes its toll on your spirit. The case you’re building might be worth it in the long run, but the longer you spend living this lifestyle, the more your morality may be permanently corrupted.

Committing crimes will gain you valuable Intel about the underworld in general, and the Evidence you desperately need to foil the Syndicate’s plans. However, living a double life wreaks havoc on your subconscious. You have to decide when the stakes are high enough to risk crossing the line by pulling off one more job.

Collectively, all the agents share the goal of building up enough Evidence to thwart the Syndicate’s looming plot to take over the city. If the plot is foiled before it can strike, the agent who has built the best case and has collected the most Intel will walk away with top honours. However, if the team falls short, the Syndicate sinks its claws into the city for good, and the most corrupted agent benefits.

In Too Deep is a game of shifting goals and strategies. Will you honour your commitment to keep the populace safe, or will you abandon the law? You start off with the best intentions, but you never know how loyalties might change as the deadline looms. In the end, only one agent can come out on top. The path you choose is up to you.

In Too Deep is coming to Kickstarter on September 15. Follow our Facebook page for all the updates.

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