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In Too Deep is a unique, narrative that thrusts you into the future in a tense, strategic board game for up to 5 players. Draft characters and spend actions to fulfill objectives and collect sets. Which side of the law will you end up on?


Box Includes:

1 Rulebook

8 Modular City Zone boards

35 Story Crime Cards

15 Side Crime Cards

30 Cardboard Boost Tokens

1 Syndicate Board

1 Evidence Board

5 Player Mats

10 Cardboard Standees

50 Wooden Grip Disks

1 Wooden Sentinel Pawn

72 Dilemma Cards

72 Cardboard Evidence Tokens

6 Cardboard Assignment Tokens

8 Cardboard Item Tiles

16 Cardboard Tolerance Tokens

6 Wooden Heat Markers

2 Wooden Blockades

9 Wooden Contribution Cubes

1 Wooden Chapter Marker Cube

Many Cardboard Intel Chits

In Too Deep $52.50 USD

SKU: BIL4002
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