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What's in the box:

1 Main Rulebook

1 Mountain game board, double sided

12 cardboard Great Hall tokens

10 cardboard Lair Tiles

1 cardboard Gnome Wheel

1 wooden Gnome Wheel pawn

125 wooden and shaped Trolls

25 wooden and shaped Champions

44 tarot-sized Champion cards

22 cardboard Champion tags

5 cardboard Wave tags

1 Clan board

7 Vote tiles

65 wooden Influence disks

72 Ancestry cards

5 starting Ancestry cards

150 Ancestry cubes

30 wooden Gnome tokens

1 wooden Swarm token

7 mini Gate cards

10 wooden player markers disks

5 cardboard Supply tracks

12 cardboard Despiration tokens

1 cardboard War Hammer

Fall of the Mountain King Retail Edition

SKU: BIL6002
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