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In Too Deep: What are Crime Cards

Step into the minds of the criminals looking to control New Dawn City and gain the crucial Evidence and Intel you need to take down the Syndicate for good. In Too Deep is the new sci-fi, strategic puzzle from Burnt Island Games. It is coming to Kickstarter on September 15, and today we’re taking a deeper look at the main narrative thrust of the game.

During a game of In Too Deep, you play an undercover agent taking control of the criminals in the city. By hooking into their minds, you can go along on crimes with them and even control their actions. The more jobs you complete, the more evidence you collect and file against the Syndicate.

These missions are depicted on Side Crime and Story Crime cards. To complete one, you must meet the requirements of the card exactly. Side Crimes can be completed at any time during your turn when the conditions are met, but Story Crimes are completed at the end of your turn. Story Crimes advance a particular narrative in the game. They must be completed in order. So before you can Mine the Route in the Prison Break storyline, you must first Infiltrate the Prison Staff.

When completing a Story Crime card, you will always be faced with a moral quandary. One path offers more immediate rewards, but at a higher cost to your conscience. Taking the other path yields less benefits immediately, but can give you more control at the end of the game. Either way you choose, you receive rewards of Intel points, Evidence, and Dilemma cards. The last thing you resolve on a Story Crime card is Filing. You will be able to contribute Evidence towards either the Chapter Plot or the Final Plot. There are benefits to both, so you'll have to decide the right path for your investigation.

There is no single right path to victory, but you’ll have to walk a line between doing everything necessary to take down the Syndicate and betraying everything you stand for in the process.

In Too Deep is coming to Kickstarter on September 15.

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