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In Too Deep Solo Mode: What is Echo

As an undercover agent, you have a lot of pressure on you to solve the case and stop the Syndicate from taking over New Dawn City. You’ll participate in crimes to collect the evidence you need to make a case against them. As if that wasn’t difficult enough, management has brought in Echo, the architect of the revolutionary Hook system to work on the case with you. If you’re not careful, the whole squad might get replaced with these cybernetic agents.

Echo is the solo system for playing In Too Deep. It allows players to launch an investigation on their own and compete against an automated opponent. It adds a deck of Echo cards, two dice, and the Echo board to set criminal profiles and track Echo’s progress on their various Story Crime cards.

A solo game of In Too Deep is set up largely like a two-player game with some minor changes, (like only using four criminals). The solo agent takes their turns as normal, as they hook into criminals, gain grip, and attempt to pull off jobs around the city. During Echo’s turns, a card is flipped which informs how their turn will proceed.

The card shows which criminal Echo hooks into based on the the Echo board. A single die is rolled to determine how far and in which direction the criminal is moved. Then both dice are rolled to determine what element (item, blockade, criminals, etc.) is affected and how. Echo moves in mysterious, unpredictable ways, but she is always working on the case. In the second and third chapters of the game, Echo will roll the dice two and three times to create more chaos in the city. You’ll have to fight harder to keep your investigation on track.

After Echo’s action have been carried out, the token will move forward on the crime track a number of spaces depicted on the card. If Echo passes the threshold on the track for the level of Story Crime she is working on, she completes the card, taking the moral path shown on the Echo card. If she falls short on the turn, she receives the awards of a Side Crime.

Finally, the Echo card shows where she will File her evidence from the round. Echo’s evidence is always filed facedown and considered to be of the correct type for Chapter Plot purposes.

You definitely have your work cut out for you. Echo is going to approach the case without emotion, without making tactical errors. You will need to be at the top of your game to come out ahead and prove that you’re still the right agent to keep New Dawn safe.

Try In Too Deep on Tabletop Simulator right now and look for the Echo Solo Mode available soon.

Check out In Too Deep on Kickstarter here.

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