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H.E.A.T. In New Dawn City

In your quest to defeat the Syndicate, you’ll enter the minds of criminals and travel in the dark alleyways, bustling markets, and glitzy neighbourhoods of New Dawn City. Each different Zone you go to has a power that can be activated to help you on your mission. For example, in Riverside, you can gain or file Evidence, the Skyport can transport a criminal anywhere in the city, and activating the Parish earns you a Tolerance token. All of the Zone powers are helpful, but they’re not always available. A robotic police force known as H.E.A.T. (High Efficiency Automated Turret)patrol the city, and you can bet that is a Zone gets activated, it’s going to call the attention of these electronic enforcers.

The H.E.A.T. mechanism of In Too Deep is one of our favourites. It was also one that has gotten a lot of praise from people who have played the demo on Tabletop Simulator. Three different Zones start the game with one, two, and three H.E.A.T. tokens. A Zone with any H.E.A.T. tokens cannot be activated for its special power. When you activate a new Zone, you take one H.E.A.T. token from each Zone that has them. This means, the Zone with three has two tokens left. The Zone with two only has one, and the Zone with one has just been freed up to be activated. It also means that three H.E.A.T. tokens have just been transferred to the Zone you activated. That Zone will not become available until the H.E.A.T. tokens are cycled off.

The Zones in In Too Deep are very useful tools to accomplish your missions. The H.E.A.T. creates and interesting puzzle to solve. You have to time your actions carefully and decide when is the right moment to move the H.E.A.T. around the board. The new Kickstarter reveal of cool robotic miniatures replacing the standard tokens in the game ensure a more striking board presence when you play.

Check out the In Too Deep on Kickstarter here.

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